At ‘From Scratch’ we try our darnedest to help reintegrate people with the creativity that’s got a bit lost in the modern world. Convenience is at the heart of everyday life, but it’s easy to forget it’s the experience that really matters.

‘From Scratch’ brings back that creative journey. It all started a few years ago when I decided to eat entirely from scratch for a year. 365 days, 40 loaves of bread and a few cheese related disasters later I had finished. My year from scratch taught me that using your hands to make things can be wonderfully meditative and completely joyful, that the sense of achievement you get whether its food, gifts, or your own teddy bear is an incredible feeling.

As a result we believe that taking time to out to enjoy the experience making things with your own hands is unrivalled.

Whether it’s filling your house with the nostalgic smell freshly baked bread, or helping you knit your own stockings at Christmas, we’re here to help out.

From recipes to craft ideas, workshops to hosting your very own From Scratch party – through our blog, events and party service we provide your toolkit to creativity and a more hands on experience.


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