The Amuse-Bouche (…what’s an amuse-bouche?)

31 Dec

Greetings fellow food lovers!

Welcome to Suppers from Scratch – my quest to get back to cooking fresh, delicious food filled with love.

Sometime in the middle of 2010 I had the idea to try and cook everything I eat for a year from scratch. Months quickly flew by and now I am at 31st December with a challenge, some porridge oats and the flu- about to embark on my culinary adventure…

On the surface eating from scratch seemed a simple premise (and a cool idea) but the more I thought and talked about it, the more I realised the need to lay down some ground rules before I start.


  1. To make everything I eat at home, at work, or in my general life from scratch
  2. Exceptions to this are holidays and travel, the occasional dinner out (I couldn’t sacrifice my social life for a whole year) and eating at other peoples houses (no one wants to be a picky guest – “Sorry, I can’t eat that garlic bread unless you’ve kneaded the dough with your own fists”… *shudder*)
  3. Foods I am allowed to buy and eat include – fresh meat, fruits, veg, milk (I don’t think I can pasteurise my own), butter (again churning this seems a step too far), and anything where the only ingredient is what it is e.g. honey, oil, pepper, salt, rice, tea, etc.

Which means common things I have to make include:
Dried Fruit

These rules are just the beginning, and I’m sure over the next 365 days many grey areas will creep up on me but I’ll do my best to stay true to the spirit of Suppers From Scratch.

So I think the next and probably most important questions is why?

Over time and with certain lifestyle changes I realised I was getting detached from the process of cooking and eating, which is something I love to do. So I want to spend some time injecting love back into my food and the way I eat.

There are so many things I would love to make and have never tried. I hope that a year of experimentation will make me a better cook (if not a gourmet wizard), a slower and more deliberate eater (rather than a serial guzzler), develop more innovative recipes and new tastes, and on the way I hope to also see if I save money, feel healthier, and have more fun.

These may not seem like particularly life changing reasons but I think what really underscores my decision of why do this – is the very concise question – why not?

In this blog I want to record some of the hurdles I face, share my experience with anyone who wants to grapple similar challenges, offer any great recipes I come across and share the knowledge I gain from a year from Scratch.

So sit back and relax whilst I get my hands (and kitchen) dirty sourcing and creating my menu for the next twelve months.

Here’s to a year of good food 🙂


2 Responses to “The Amuse-Bouche (…what’s an amuse-bouche?)”

  1. Hands 07/01/2011 at 2:01 pm #

    I am SO excited to see how this works out for you!

  2. Hannah 19/01/2011 at 5:47 pm #

    Lucy, this all sounds fantastic but hard, really looking forward to seeing this experiment develop over the next 12 months! Lots of lucky and I hope you share all the yummy food you make with us =)

    Hannah xx

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